Products - Slates

From the depths of mountains in Brazil, China and India comes slate with its exceptional durability creating a marvellous natural pattern. Define your interiors with vibrant colours and give your exteriors a classy look in a long lasting, impermeable, highly strong material available in a variety of colours and sizes for both flooring and wall cladding.

For projects, you can have your own custom made slate and quartz in the right finish, with the mixture of colours fitting your design , in dimensions reaching up to 1x1 meter and at very special prices.


Code: KS-1120 <br>Size: 60x60
Code: KS-1120
Size: 60x60
Code: MP-01H <br>Size: 40x40
Code: MP-01H
Size: 40x40
Code: MP-02N<br>Size: 40x40
Code: MP-02N
Size: 40x40
Code: MP-03N <br>Size: 40x40
Code: MP-03N
Size: 40x40
Code: RG-N01N <br>Size: 40x40
Code: RG-N01N
Size: 40x40
Code: RG-N02N<br>Size: 40x40
Code: RG-N02N
Size: 40x40
Code: RG-N04N<br>Size: 40x40
Code: RG-N04N
Size: 40x40
Code: RG-N08N<br> Size: 60x60
Code: RG-N08N
Size: 60x60
Code: RG-N09N<br>Size: 30x50-60x60
Code: RG-N09N
Size: 30x50-60x60
Code: RG-N10N<br>Size: 30x60
Code: RG-N10N
Size: 30x60
Code: RG-N12N<br>Size: 40x40
Code: RG-N12N
Size: 40x40
Code: RG-N17N<br> Size: 40x40
Code: RG-N17N
Size: 40x40
Code: SPN-05H<br> Size: 40x40
Code: SPN-05H
Size: 40x40
Code: SP-N07H<br>Size: 40x40
Code: SP-N07H
Size: 40x40
Code: SP-N11H<br>Size: 40x40
Code: SP-N11H
Size: 40x40
Code: SP-N13N<br>Size: 60x60
Code: SP-N13N
Size: 60x60
Code: SP-S04N<br>Size: 40x40
Code: SP-S04N
Size: 40x40
Code: SP-S05N<br>Size: 40x40
Code: SP-S05N
Size: 40x40
Code: SP-S06N<br>Size: 40x40
Code: SP-S06N
Size: 40x40
Code: SP-08N<br>Size: 40x40
Code: SP-08N
Size: 40x40
Code: SP-S12N<br>Size: 40x40
Code: SP-S12N
Size: 40x40
Code: SPS-22<br>Size: 50x50
Code: SPS-22
Size: 50x50


Code: DM-0509<br>Size:15x60
Code: DM-0509
Code: KS-0507A<br>Size:15x60
Code: KS-0507A
Code: KS-0510-A<br>Size:15x60
Code: KS-0510-A
Code: KS-0511B<br>Size:15x60
Code: KS-0511B
Code: KS-0512<br>Size: 15x60
Code: KS-0512
Size: 15x60
Code: KS-0513<br>Size:15x60
Code: KS-0513
Code: KS-0531<br>Size: 15x60
Code: KS-0531
Size: 15x60
Code: P014<br>Size: 20x40-40x60
Code: P014
Size: 20x40-40x60
Code: RG-N01SF<br>Size: 15x60
Code: RG-N01SF
Size: 15x60
Code: RG-N02SF<br>Size: 15x60
Code: RG-N02SF
Size: 15x60
Code: S506A<br>Size: 15x60
Code: S506A
Size: 15x60
Code: S506S<br>Size: 15x60
Code: S506S
Size: 15x60
Code: S507<br>Size: 15x60
Code: S507
Size: 15x60


Code: KS-P014<br>Size: 50x50
Code: KS-P014
Size: 50x50
Code: RG-N01HM<br>Chip Size: 5x5
Code: RG-N01HM
Chip Size: 5x5
Code: RG-N02NM<br>Chip Size: 5x5
Code: RG-N02NM
Chip Size: 5x5
Code: RG-N09HM<br>Chip Size: 5x5
Code: RG-N09HM
Chip Size: 5x5
Code: RG-N10HM<br>Chip Size: 5x5
Code: RG-N10HM
Chip Size: 5x5