Products - Porcelain

  • Unleash your creativity

    ...With TILES Porcelain

  • C Stone Porcelain

    ...The indispensable choice for prestigious projects

  • Antibacterial Porcelain

    ...Creating a safe environment for your loved ones

  • The 2 cm porcelain installation

    ...Creating an accessible plenum for all your building services distribution

  • The 2 cm Porcelain Accessories

    ...Creating a homogenous outdoor look

  • The 3 mm Smart Porcelain

    ...For easier renovation and fa├žade cladding

  • The Thin Porcelain

    ...Creating a seamless look

TILES offers you a wide collection of porcelain ceramics with more than 30 different lines that would indulge you with a taste of luxury following the world’s latest contemporary designs and trends. And as we-at TILES- originally are more natural material lovers we’ve decided to bring you porcelain combining the natural feel and look along with the durability of porcelain that can be displayed in our three main lines. Our tiles are also unique in terms of size format; some of these sizes are 15*60, 15*90, 33x33, 30*60, 45*45, 60*60, 45*90, 60*120 cm and reaching up to 100x 300 cm.