Products - Basins

The natural stone basins are TILES are tailor made and carved from the highest quality natural stones to provide you with a taste of luxury that will never fail to impress. Their marvelous contour and delicate edge details make them the center and masterpiece of your bathroom. Whether you want them mysteriously dark colored or see through beautiful onyx then TILES is the right place to be.


Code: H0-A009<br>Size: 43x13.5
Code: H0-A009
Size: 43x13.5
Code: MY-A009<br>Size: 43x13.5
Code: MY-A009
Size: 43x13.5
Code: SH-C004<br>Size: 55X33X12
Code: SH-C004
Size: 55X33X12
Code: WS-B008<br>Size: 40X40X9
Code: WS-B008
Size: 40X40X9
Code: VB-66<br>Size: 50x35x20
Code: VB-66
Size: 50x35x20
Code: VB-79<br>Size: 40x35x13
Code: VB-79
Size: 40x35x13
Code: VB-80<br>Size: 60x40x11
Code: VB-80
Size: 60x40x11
Code: VB-83<br>Size: 40X40X15
Code: VB-83
Size: 40X40X15
Code: VB-112<br>Size: 70X40X11
Code: VB-112
Size: 70X40X11
Code: VB-114<br>Size: 40x40x9cm
Code: VB-114
Size: 40x40x9cm
Code: VB-115<br>Size: 70x40x12
Code: VB-115
Size: 70x40x12
Code: VB-139<br>Size: 60x40x10cm
Code: VB-139
Size: 60x40x10cm
Code: VB-147<br>Size: 40x40x13cm
Code: VB-147
Size: 40x40x13cm
Code: VB-189<br>Size: 155x50x93
Code: VB-189
Size: 155x50x93