Thursday | 18 December 2014

18th -21st December 2014 

TILES had the privilege of being an exhibitionist at the Le Marché for the year 2014 bringing the  best of both locally produced exquisite stones and globally imported tiles and stones here to whisk you away into a comfortably sophisticated space you’ve always dreamt of having at home, work or own project.

Every element and product that has been used in the exhibition stand conveyed TILES ongoing quest of finding the best products paving the way for up scaling Egyptian homes with groundbreaking ideas, an impeccable taste as well as a natural comforting feeling.

“ To walk through the TILES stands is to trace two decades of thorough knowledge and experience in the evolution of all surfacing materials “ .

Don’t frown if you’ve missed the opportunity, you can visit TILES showrooms in the most upbeat districts of Cairo- Zamalek and Heliopolis- and there you will experience creativity in a deep way with a wide range of materials in distinctly unique finishes and with innovative design ideas that are constantly updated showcasing latest trends in tiling world.